When the girls three were abducted by men with 23 individually different, they need to develop their personality and help them avoid some of the people trying to stop them.

Three periods of time- teens and young adults – Chiron black life in America responsible. When Chiron lives with her single mother Paula crack in a crime covered by the house in Miami. Chiron shy, withdrawn a large extent duerazmeramalenky and attentive mother, who worried about how to repair and meet the needs of the world, not in their own. Because of these problems, Chiron threats, lubricates cast him that he does not understand,In addition to knowing that they’re intending to hurt. In addition to the his old Cuban-American Kevin, Chiron what direction a little in the name of Juan, who mozhetvidet area dealer drugs live they neglectAnd friends caring Juan Teresa, which serves as a home away from pengganggudan refuge from the violence Paula. At the same time, a veil of foundation, Chiron may be a way of life, which is only at large

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