Placements At MAAC

MAAC provides Career Development Training to prepare students for the international job market. On successful completion of their Career course, MAAC offers job placement assistance. Alongside, MAAC provides recruitment assistance to Animation Studios and other companies to help them hire well-trained people for various job roles.

Making students job-ready

Apart from classroom education, MAAC conducts many activities to prepare students to become successful professionals in the Animation, VFX, Gaming & Filmmaking industries. A students showreel goes through various channels before becoming finally eligible to move for interviews. A CDT program is the vital of all.

Career Development Training (CDT)

The MAAC Placements Cell conducts personal interviews with eligible students* to understand their strengths & weaknesses and to provide the right career guidance.

Industry experts are invited to give lectures & to conduct workshops to help students create impactful show-reels of their work.

The professionals guide students on how to showcase their skills in Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Rigging & Dynamics, VFX, and more.

Apart from this, all through the year, MAAC conducts a variety of events (Please check our events section) to provide opportunities for the students to interact with the industry.

*MAAC students who are 3 months away from graduating are eligible to take part in the placement process provided they have registered with the MAAC Placements Cell. Such students undergo MAAC’s Career Development Training before they are sent for job interviews.

Wish to recruit trained & talented people?

The MAAC Placements Cell connects Animation studios & other companies with students trained to fulfill challenging job roles.

MAAC can also create training programs specifically for studios / companies looking for certain skill sets in students.

Are there suitable vacancies in your studio/ company? Recruit from MAAC now and leave a feedback for us to call back or please call directly on the numbers mentioned.