DU Meter is an application that will help to set the amount of traffic or data from your system, without the need for expensive network management software.

DU Meter is a free utility that includes extensive logging facility, flexible events system, and works with virtually all types of network connections including phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN and satellite. By using DU Meter, you can view or menjangkaperubahan unexpected and even receive a warning aboutbahayaatau unexpected network activity. The application is fairly simple, DU Meter is updated pretty impressive package further enhanced GUI and a new mini mode the program combines works make very quiet. In addition, this program now uses a real database engine, which allows for more accurate alerts and detailed information about network activity that does not biasa.Perlu note that in Windows Vista, even DUMeternog reach thanks to the sidebar yang not available in other versions of Windows.

For basic network monitoring and prevention of unexpected internet loss or abnormal activity, DU Meter has it all.


repair localization

Fragile localization after upgradedari version: Some localization files are not properly updated during the upgrade.

The choice of language settings DU Meter does not reflect the language of the GUI sebenarnyaberlaku.

Some typosand fixed error other local small text.

DU Meter bar shows the wrong text after the change of language.


DU Meter Task band not on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 when it happened classic theme.

Viewer network not to show the names of a number of processes.

Network Connections Viewer now supports sepenuhnyaIPv6.

Mini Mode activated twice or DUMeter taskbar visible band or not.

DU Meter “beep” geluidHet bad cut.

registrationnotification window is no longer displayed when the full display applicaton active (games, videos, etc.)

Two registration notification message that sometimes occurs after a reboot.

Shutdown Startup Repair

DUMeter short sebentargagal to start on Windows startup if the auto-logon enabled.

DU Meter service sometimes is not right start on some Windows XP computers with solid state drive (and reported 111 errors to the Windows event log).

Rarely crashes on Windows shutdownequipment.

installation repair

DUMeter installer should not proceed with the installation if Base Filtering Engine (BFE) is not working properly on the user’s computer.

DU Meter service is not explicitly defined as dependent Base Filtering Engine in Windows Vista and later.

DU Meter service leafy service sometimes is not registered correctly during the upgrade.


Adjusted DU Meter service reporting: Errors are not always stored in the error log.

DU Metererror log can grow without limits: A new error reporting component prevents this.

Token handle leak fixed in DU Meter service: DU Meter can handle leak when nobody is logged and desktop notifications are planned.

IPv4Penapis mask is not properly used or modified filter IP addresses listed in the selection of DU Meter.

DU Meter 6

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