Focus on software Autodesk 3dsmax


MaxPRO focuses on the software Autodesk 3dsmax. The course trains students in Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Particle Dynamics & Animation using Autodesk 3dsmax.

Course duration: 6 Months

  • Course Covers
    • asics of Art
    • Game Theory
    • Game Development Pipeline
    • Game Concept Art
    • Concept Design
    • Introduction to 3D
    • Pre Viz of Level Design
    • Fundamentals of Texturing
    • Fundamentals of Sculpting
    • Environment Modeling
    • Stylised Character Modeling
    • Next-Gen Character Modeling
    • Next-Gen Vehicle Modeling
    • Rigging & Animation for games
    • Introduction to Game Engine
    • Asset Integration in Game Engine
    • Portfolio Development